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MMCS - Mitsubishi Multi Communication System e-manual. V1.6 2018 Mitsubishi MMCS Manual eBook
MMCS - Mitsubishi Multi Communication System e-manual. V1.6 2018
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About the Mitsubishi Multi Communication System (MMCS) 1996 - 2003

This car navigation system was originally intended only for the Japanese market, with the on-screen language hard-coded to Japanese, GPS system calibrated to the northern hemisphere and only maps of Japan available on the system start CDs titled "Navigation Soft" that included part numbers such as MR285494-I / 0FEAFU-18 / SD1Y-254.

Some models of the system are made by different manufacturers and so different System CDs are needed depending on the hardware components of the system, e.g. by Sumitomo Electric. The system is an early example of the kind of GPS and multimedia functionality now built into most mid- to top-end cars. The MMCS system began appearing in some Mitsubishi models from the mid 1990's before being replaced with newer, more functional technology under the same MMCS name for Mitsubishi vehicles built from around 2003. The earlier version of the MMCS system is now no longer supported with official documentation and system 'boot up' CDs no longer available.

ITEX MMCS Electronic User Guide Description

An informative and easy to understand 30 page PDF or EPUB formatted overview of major MMCS features (e.g. Tape, CD, Aircon, Fuel Economy, Compass and audio/video quality settings) written in plain english, which will be sent via email. The manuals are more useful to be sent in this electronic format as they include links to other useful websites, high-quality 'zoomable' images and a built in text search facility and a clickable table of contents etc., also not using paper and inks is better for the environment.

The e-manuals were updated to V1.5 in April 2010 to include added hints about compass inaccuracy in southern hemisphere, TV converter advice for non-NTSC TV signal countries and instructions for connecting portable DVD players and other personal video players and other devices such as iPods, PSPs, and many models of smartphones - plus wiring diagram information for troubleshooting and modification such as enabling tv/video playback while driving.

Note: The e-manuals do NOT include information about the touch screen version of the system used in some vehicles (which are designed quite differently), however the manual may still offer some general hints and advice.

The manual is also included in the with MMCS System CD (for compatible models), there is no need to purchase this separately from the CD. See the Mitsubishi MCS Startup CD product page for more details.

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